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When it comes to Water Law, Experience Matters. Strategic legal direction matters, especially when you need to keep the water flowing. Perhaps that’s why so many private and governmental sector clients trust us. Or maybe it’s our proven track record of acquiring, changing, and defending water rights throughout the state of Colorado. For decades, our attorneys have successfully represented clients in water rights, real estate, civil litigation and administrative hearings, including trials and appeals.

As leading experts in water law in the state of Colorado and beyond, we successfully help clients achieve their water-resource goals. For over 40 years we have effectively worked with clients ranging from large governmental entities to individual ranchers, farmers and large and small landowners. Water supply planning and acquisition? We’ll get it done. Water court litigation? We’ll get it done. Groundwater rights? We’ll get it done. When it comes to anything from water rights adjudication to ditch rights or subdivision water supplies, consider our attorneys as your ultimate water resource.

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